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What are your digitization goals?

CEO / President

Use technology to increase revenue, EBITDA, differentiation, and market valuation​.


Build my software platform using modern technologies and upgrade my tech stack with minimal disruption​.


Use data to make decisions and drive actions while controlling costs and encouraging innovation.

Our approach

A meaningful use of technologyTM

We use a pragmatic approach to technology with a keen focus on value creation through custom business software for financial services, recruitment, and staffing companies. Our emphasis is on context-based problem solving using accelerators, domain expertise, and a global delivery model.

How we work

Management consulting reimagined for the digital world

Faster time to value

Stop reinventing the wheel and focus on what will create value for your business. Our accelerators include frameworks, reference architectures, and toolkits to quickly get down to solving your problem.

Context based technology

Implementing technology solutions without understanding business context is meaningless. We start by understanding your domain, which helps us solve the right problem using the right solution.

Value creation

We don’t just hand you a pretty strategy deck. We help you implement, measure, and course correct for long term, sustainable value creation. Our global delivery model helps create measurable value.

Case studies and white papers

Value creation stories

How client-centric tech revolutionizes the finance function

Consero Global partnered with thinkbridge to create an elegant tech offering for their Finance as a Service solution, built around what their clients actually need from their finance function...

Utilizing AI to Maximize Distributed Solar Energy Resources

This case study demonstrates the value of utilizing AI to maximize distributed solar energy resources. Distributed energy resource (DER) systems such as rooftop...

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