Future-ready business software and platforms

Our technical competence + industry domain expertise + unique work culture allows us to play an integrated role as technology leads using a collaborative, skin-in-the-game approach to build future-ready business software in less time and cost.

Our Software Services


We use modern development practices + the best talent + process discipline to deliver reliable, secure, and beautiful custom software and platforms for financial services, recruitment, and staffing services companies. 

Software Design

We design custom software and platforms built for new growth, scalability, and security that gives you a competitive advantage in the market. We use a build + buy approach to custom software so you don’t reinvent the wheel and achieve faster time to value with each release. 

Web App Development

We develop custom + reliable + secure web applications using our accelerators and context expertise combined with a disciplined and regimental approach to deliver value fast.

Mobile App Development

We understand that any software application that does not work on a mobile device is doomed to be obsolete. So, we develop every web application as a responsive application or a native app to ensure amazing user experience.

Tech Stack Upgrades

When you hear the words ‘end of support’ from your tech stack vendor, you will be prepared for it. We evaluate your tech stack and develop an approach to upgrade your stack that may be needed for several reasons.

Software Maintenance

Extend the life of your existing software and focus your energy and resources on innovating your business. Leave the maintenance and support of your legacy software to us so you can focus on taking your business forward and work on the more important new initiatives.

Software by the numbers

Build value digital technology systems

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General Questions

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Modern Digital Solutions

We are a modern digital management consulting firm empowering companies to become technology companies. We use an outcome-based approach for increasing revenue and margin expansion using  a combination of powerful accelerators, context expertise and global delivery to create business value. 


How we work

Learn how we think and work differently to create new and better business outcomes.

We offer technology, accelerators, domain expertise, and global delivery. are different from other digital consulting firms because of our technical competencebusiness intelligence, and unique work cultureThis enables us to play an integrated role as technology leaders within your company using collaborative, skininthegame approach to build better business software in less time than our competitors. 

  1. Discovery meeting to introduce ourselves in which we present our initial findings and recommendations. 
  2. Tech stack review to get a solid understanding of your technology landscape. 
  3. 2-week needs assessment to collaborate with your tech leaders to develop a high-level strategy and roadmap. 
  4. The legal stuff. NDAs, WoW (Way of Working), SoWs and contracts. 
  • Global delivery (Hybrid US + Offshore + Near shore) for collaboration and cost efficiency.
  • Tech Team-as-a-Service vs. FTEs (Full Time Employees) .