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Using technology to deliver amazing customer experience

Our guest today is Bill Klein, the Co-founder and President of Consero Global Solutions. Consero is changing the way business does finance with their innovative Finance-as-a-Service solution. We talk about their technology strategy and their technology platform that is a brilliant unification platform that simplifies their customer’s lives, a great example of meaningful tech.

What are the top 3 qualities of an exceptional software engineer?

Every month, we’re asking our engineering team to give us their brightest insights on best practices, trends, and methodologies. This month, we asked thinkbridge’s Managing Director Nikesh Mehata this tough question, “what are the top 3 qualities of an exceptional software engineer?”

work from anywhere transition thinkbridge

The Work From Anywhere Transition

The Work from Anywhere Transition is here. So much so, that I’m writing, editing, and publishing this very article right from my phone at a lovely park near my home

How AI Has Taken Over the Financial Services Industry

How AI Has Taken Over the Financial Industry

Thinkbridge examines how AI has taken over the financial industry. Given the abundance of accurate data, a long-standing relationship with modeling and predictive analytics, and the quantitative nature of its

Voice AI

Why Voice AI is the new UI

Getting things done – whether sending a message, calling Mom, checking the weather, buying diapers, playing your warrior music, or accessing the ship’s logs – all without having to lift

ok google what's my diagnosis healthcare technology (1)

OK Google What’s My Diagnosis?

Applying AI to the healthcare industry Healthcare providers face even more pressure to rein in costs while delivering high-quality services and improving treatment outcomes. Meanwhile rising rates of chronic diseases,

Securing the Future of Energy through AI

Energy and utilities providers face a multitude of complex challenges ranging from finding and extracting scarce fossil fuels, to matching volatile supply and demand patterns, to reducing inefficiencies in storage

Real Estate in the Age of AI

Whether from leasing agreements, credit documents, insurance forms, regulatory building codes, online and mobile app activity, or IoT device sensors, real estate businesses are inundated by data. A trove of

how business analytics help drive business growth

Business Analytics for Everyone

In today’s hypercompetitive business landscape, it’s more important than ever to understand exactly how business analytics help drive business growth and opportunities? We’ve come a long way since the dawn