What are the top 5 traits of a good customer support engineer?

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Along with having a good understanding of the product, as well as amazing analytical and technical skills, I would say that there are several other qualities that help a support engineer get to the next level. And naturally, having a team of amazing and reliable support engineers also helps improve the product and benefits the business.   

Here is my list of the top five traits that a good customer support engineer needs to possess: 

  1. Curious & problem-solving mindset – A good support engineer is always looking for multiple ways to solve a problem. They try to analyze and investigate the issue in-depth and do not stop until it is resolved. Give them a complex issue, and they would come back to you with at least three solutions for it. 
  1. Effective communication – Communicating the complete issue in detail and its resolution clearly is as important as resolving the issue. In most cases, the customer is not a very technical person, and at such times, ensuring that the communication is easy to understand clearly helps in resolving the issues much faster and enhances the customer experience. 
  1. Always ready to learn – Always keeps their skills and knowledge base up-to-date. A good support engineer constantly keeps himself updated about every new feature and updates to the existing ones so that when a customer comes to them with a question, they are ready to answer it. 
  1. Ownership – Unless the issue is resolved, a good support engineer considers themself the owner of the issue. Even when there is someone else looking into it. They ensure that they take a proactive approach to resolve the issue, like following up with the respective entities, looking into the issue, contacting the external vendors, and beyond. 
  1. Prioritization – It is a very common scenario where a support engineer needs to handle multiple high priority issues at once. Knowing the skill of prioritization helps a support engineer handle them in an efficient and effective manner. 

One could develop these skills from learning from his experience while handling customer issues and continuously practicing them. Consistent efforts to get better at them is the key to going from a support engineer to a good support engineer. 

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