Video Conferencing – The New Norm

Our world has drastically changed during the COVID-19 era as we were all confined within the four walls of our house. We had to bear the brunt of the pandemic as both our professional and personal lives transformed radically and that’s when technology took over the reins, and we were all connected only via the technological mediums. While individuals across the globe switched to remote working, their need for instant and live communication also scaled immensely. Herein it was video conferencing that connected businesses and employees, facilitating easy communication and helping individuals keep abreast with their work even in the remote space.

Organizations all over the globe resorted to video conferencing as that was the ultimate tool to keep work teams connected, productive, and on the go. However, while video conferencing offers a plethora of wonderful advantages, and helps individuals stay connected in this virtual realm, there is still a vast majority of the population that holds its own reservations when it comes to video conferencing. Individuals are shy to turn on their cameras, due to various reasons, but one must realize that if you are in a leadership position, or if you run your business, then you ought to turn on your camera. Not only would it influence your other colleagues and juniors to do so, but it would also establish a professional vibe in the virtual meeting. After all, you need to be serious about your work, and remote space is the new world businesses must adapt to as this culture is surely going to grow and it is here for the foreseeable future.

Mentioned below are five wonderful benefits of video conferencing that you must consider if working remotely.

  1. Virtual meetings help augment the digital workforce by keeping employees connected and productive.
  2. Video conferencing helps cut down all travel costs, and if your company has globally dispersed remote employees, then video conferencing is the golden key for you as it offers personalized and interactive communication even in the remote world.
  3. Video conferences provide translation services for all multilingual meetings. There are meetings where colleagues across international borders need to interact with each other. Language is however not a barrier and organizations need not hire translators as platforms such as Skype and Microsoft Teams support multilingual meetings and offer text translations.
  4. Video conferencing provides a recording option that is greatly beneficial for businesses. The recorded video can be uploaded to a shared library where all those who missed the meeting can simply attend it later. Employees thus never miss out on any important information.
  5. Virtual meetings not only help enhance your overall work productivity, but also diminishes your carbon footprint. In 2019, it was estimated that Americans took a whopping 464 million domestic work-related trips. A single trip from New York to San Francisco alone would amount to around 1.16 tons of carbon dioxide, but video conferencing has helped minimize this evil and it is one of the easiest solutions to keep up with the sustainability goals.

Doesn’t this all sound simply amazing? We sure believe so. We would thus urge you to lose your inhibitions and get going with a new virtual workplace wherein video conferencing has an indispensable role.

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