Churning & burning your developers?

We place engineers specifically skilled at helping you crush your backlog, tackle your tech debt, upgrade your tech stack, or simply lend an extra hand for your critical software projects.


Why hire a thinkcoder?

Our operations support team will ensure quick and easy developer workflow setup so they can get productive quickly. 

Our engineers are trained on best practices to produce the highest quality code. Our internal SQC (Software Quality Control) team ensures all deliverables reviewed for quality before they submit PRs to our clients.

Our engineers are trained in secure development practices. They have also trained and have experience with various compliance standards including PCI, SOC, HIPAA and GDPR. 

Our engineers are detail oriented and carefully selected through a rigorous interview process. They have been specifically trained in creative problem solving and are experienced in delivering in complex environments. 

We work on our environment, or we can work within your environment depending on how you want to work with usOur engineers can work with a multitude of tools (GithubBeanstalk, Azure DevOps etc.). We can also work on secure VMs.

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Upcoming thinkcoder availablity

Our developers will quickly integrate with your existing team to ensure seamless delivery of technology solutions for your company.

Skip the hassle of hiring and onboarding and get started on the essential technology projects your company needs.

OCT 2021

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NOV 2021

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DEC 2021

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JAN 2022

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Becoming a FinTech

Discover how we engaged our client to develop a modernization strategy and build their next-generation platform.


What are your top challenges?

Get coding help, increase capacity and beyond

My backlog is too long

Can’t move fast enough

My tech debt is crushing me

My tech stack is approaching the end of life

Add developer capacity without breaking the bank

I need to do more with less

My engineers want to work on more exciting stuff

Build my proof of concept

Reduce my development costs

My best engineer left us

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