Inside the life of a nomadic think’er

Inside the life of a nomadic think’er

India spans over 1.2 million square miles and is inhabited by nearly 1.4 billion people, which contributes to the astonishing diversity within the country. The monolithic nature of the nation means seeing it all is nigh on impossible, and that exploration is made even harder within the confines of a traditional work environment. However, in an effort to explore as much of his country as possible, Akhilesh Arunachalam decided to take his work on the road with him as he travels the vastness of India on the back of his motorcycle. It was a lifestyle he always dreamed of living, and with thinkbridge that dream became a reality.

“The design we see in today’s digital world is inspired by physical designs. When I travel somewhere I try to see the architecture, how they build houses, the way they do day to day activities like cooking, the way they set up the table, or the way they eat. If you go to northeast India it’s completely different, and the southern side is different. It reflects on the culture of the people, the geography, and the limitations of geography.” – Akhilesh A., UX Designer (

Freedom of choice and discovery

There’s more to the nomadic lifestyle than just seeing new places and people. Everyday details that would be glossed over while in plane become easily visible when traversing various terrains on two wheels. Akhilesh became a think’er six months ago, and the ux designer has long wanted to travel his country as a way to inform and diversify his design. The whims of the world often guide him as the constraints of a schedule would only serve to inhibit his exploration. A final destination is kept in mind, but the journey there can be winding and exploratory without worrying about a specific timeline. Inspiration isn’t just seen, but is felt and heard as interactions with strangers shatter preconceived notions. However, these joyous discoveries are only available because of the freedom that allows for such uninhibited travel. thinkbridge offers unlimited leave and an asynchronous, remote work environment, which means Akhilesh still gets his work done even as mile after mile passes by under the hum of a motorcycle engine.

“There’s no plan in place when I start a ride, and the reason is because sometimes there’s one specific day and I have to do something that takes 4-5 hours. If it can be done in a café and then I just book a room, work, and move out the next day. There’s no specific timeline. If I’m needed immediately I just pull over and see if it’s manageable. There’s nothing specific in the schedule. “ – Akhilesh A., UX Designer (

External experiences positively affect the strength of relationships

Encounters outside of work, the normal occurrences of everyday life, inform a person’s approach to their job. Their perspective and the way they treat others is inherently affected by the experiences that take place outside of work hours. If there are ways to positively affect a person’s approach to their profession, then why not jump at that chance? think’ers know the foundational strength of our organization comes from the diversity of available perspectives. Those perspectives then create unique interactions among teammates, and that’s why having people within our organization like Akhilesh is integral to our overall culture. These experiences he has on the road, in remote places with people connected only by a machine with an engine, lead to personal growth that may not take place otherwise. There is knowledge to be shared, conversations to occur, and goals to achieve, but it is the distinctive approach of each think’er that allows the company to succeed.

“You try to help people move forward, to become a better person as far as work and general life. Within thinkbridge I receive encouragement from my leaders and the way they teach me how to effectively communicate with my teammates, and what to do in certain situations. It’s about understanding who that specific person is, what their expectation is of me and the company, and are we supporting them. The key takeaway is, if you see someone stuck on the road, or stuck on work, or struggling with life, we can be that person who came to help. We never know what people are going through, so offer to help.” – Akhilesh A., UX Designer (

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Prasanna Diwanji

Director - Services Delivery

When put into a situation where, there are no ways to find a solution for the difficult phase that has to be overcome, instead of reacting, I would take the time to find a way to resolve it with a calm mind frame and get it solved.

When a situation is presented on where I have to choose between black or white, rather than choosing so, I will be on a Gray and unbiased and come up with a better decision in an uncompromising manner.

I am a traveler, who gets bliss being in nature while trekking than in a fancy place,

I am a silent person until got engaged in discussions on sports, I love playing cricket, and I learned TT, Badminton & volleyball in thinkbridge. Trekking and traveling to multiple remote places have drastically increased my strength

I  tend to go on the opposite side whenever I cross paths with dogs, afraid of them. I am More of a jovial person, considering being down to earth is more important than following formalities and rituals