There’s More To AI Than ChatGPT

ChatGPT has captured the hearts and minds of many due to its nuanced conversational abilities. A person’s interaction with ChatGPT could’ve been their first foray

What’s in My Living Room?

When Deep first approached me about writing an article on the current tech scene, I was more than happy and was thrilled to bits. It

How AI Has Taken Over the Financial Industry

How AI Has Taken Over the Financial Services Industry

Thinkbridge examines how AI has taken over the financial industry. Given the abundance of accurate data, a long-standing relationship with modeling and predictive analytics, and

Why Voice AI is the new UI

Voice AI

Getting things done – whether sending a message, calling Mom, checking the weather, buying diapers, playing your warrior music, or accessing the ship’s logs –

Securing the Future of Energy through AI

Energy and utilities providers face a multitude of complex challenges ranging from finding and extracting scarce fossil fuels, to matching volatile supply and demand patterns,

Real Estate in the Age of AI

Whether from leasing agreements, credit documents, insurance forms, regulatory building codes, online and mobile app activity, or IoT device sensors, real estate businesses are inundated

Business Analytics for Everyone

how business analytics help drive business growth

In today’s hypercompetitive business landscape, it’s more important than ever to understand exactly how business analytics help drive business growth and opportunities? We’ve come a