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Combining in-house expertise with offshore savings

New product launches, customer diversification, workforce increases and operational costs. These are just a few of the challenges a growing business confronts as they compete in today’s marketplace.  The ability to continuously adapt to your industry’s evolving landscape is the barometer by which your business will ultimately fail or succeed. We believe that technology can tip the scale in your favor. Just as your business must adapt, so should the software systems upon which you rely. Using disciplined Agile methodology, thinkbridge will make sure your business is always ready for what’s next.

Accelerators: the thinkbridge difference

Our accelerator code base is the secret sauce.  It’s the foundation from which we build every project, and it’s the reason our development times are consistently 35% shorter than the average project lifespan. Constantly maintained and upgraded, these accelerators allow us to get a head start on your project by immediately focusing on customizing the code to meet your business needs.

Build modern software applications using Agile

The disciplined Agile methodology is an iterative, collaboration-based approach to software development. It focuses on the delivery of an application in complete functional components within set timeframes (“sprints”). thinkbridge combines Agile methodology with it’s powerful suite of accelerators and hybrid team approach to reduce the timeframe needed to build modern, scalable software systems.

Our approach emphasizes communication, collaboration and resource flexibility. As a result, you will significantly reduce your time to market by adhering to an iterative schedule instead of working within the constraints of full system release requirements.

Project and resource management

Our hybrid team methodology was designed to incorporate the benefits of an in-house IT department while avoiding the higher costs associated with the traditional offshore model of software development. We add an extra layer of resource flexibility by assigning engineers to your project based on specific functional needs.


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