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For growth-stage small and medium enterprises (SME), the desire for growth is the driving force behind your business decisions. Key to achieving this goal is the ability to scale up your technology operations while at the same time  remaining profitable.

Our SME services were developed with business growth in mind. By implementing the right technology best-practices for your business, we will put you in position to scale your operations while maintaining your revenue projections.

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[mk_content_box heading=”Advisory Services”]

Fostering business growth requires making challenging budgeting decisions. Should I hire a CTO? Do we need a customer app? Is my system scalable? These are the types of questions SMEs struggle with as they try to remain focused on client acquisition and revenue generation.

[mk_content_box heading=”Agile Transformation”]

Agile methodology introduces a new level of flexibility into your IT project management. When implemented correctly, these principals will position your business to quickly respond to marketplace shifts and capitalize on growth opportunities hidden within your business operations.

[mk_content_box heading=”Modernization”]

Legacy technology in your business requires significant monetary and resource investments, and hinders your ability effectively scale operations. Modernizing your technology infrastructure gives you the opportunity to refocus your resources towards growing your business.

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