Leaders need to rethink how business does technology

We work with leaders of growth-stage companies using technology strategy, custom software development, and data science to increase and accelerate the enterprise value.

Our Services

Opportunities + Acceleration = Growth

We are a digital management consulting firm offering technology strategy, custom software, and data science to growth-stage companies in financial servicesrecruitment and staffing, health and wellness, and renewable energy.

We combine creativity + problem solving + technology to develop strategies to transform your business. Our technology strategy services include research and planning, digitization strategies, enterprise architecture and product strategies.

Strategy by the numbers

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Tripled valuation using a technology-first approach #valuation #techfirst
0 %
Improved management span of control through automation #smartwork
0 %
Margin enhancement goals came from our tech strategy #growth #techenabled

We use modern development practices + the best talent + process discipline to deliver reliable, secure and beautiful software.

Software by the numbers

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Improved time to market from 2 to 26 releases annually #accelerators #techleaders #digitization
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Reduction in development costs while increasing our NPS from 34 to 69 #bridgecostqualitygap
Month acceleration of product roadmap #acceleratedtech #technologyroadmap #projectmanagement

We combine the power of your data + specific techniques and solutions that uncovers critical insights for your business.

Data science by the numbers

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Labor cost savings in just year one, and we are just getting started #costsavings
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Increase in forecasting accuracy up from 29% #smartforecasting
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Reduction in payment card fraud #fraudprevention #fraudprotection


“With their (thinkbridge) help, we didn’t just get a solution, we got a process for continual upgrades, from ideation to alpha, beta, and the eventual rollout.”

Who we help?

We work at the intersection of business & technology

CEOs & Founders

Technology stifling growth?

CEOs & Founders

Not getting features to market fast enough? Technology not helping your EBITDA? We can help you with investor due diligence.
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Technology costs out of control?


Use data to make decisions and drive actions on technology investments. Control technology costs without stifling innovation.
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CTOs & VPs

Technology stack outdated?

CTOs & VPs

Build my software platforms using modern, secure, and compliant technologies. Upgrade my tech stack with minimal disruption.
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Build value digital technology systems

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How we think and work

Learn how we think and work differently to create new and better business outcomes.

We offer technology, accelerators, domain expertise, and global delivery. are different from other digital consulting firms because of our technical competencebusiness intelligence, and unique work cultureThis enables us to play an integrated role as technology leaders within your company using collaborative, skininthegame approach to build better business software in less time than our competitors. 

  1. Discovery meeting to introduce ourselves in which we present our initial findings and recommendations. 
  2. Tech stack review to get a solid understanding of your technology landscape. 
  3. 2-week needs assessment to collaborate with your tech leaders to develop a high-level strategy and roadmap. 
  4. The legal stuff. NDAs, WoW (Way of Working), SoWs and contracts. 
  • Global delivery (Hybrid US + Offshore + Near shore) for collaboration and cost efficiency.
  • Tech Team-as-a-Service vs. FTEs (Full Time Employees).

Prasanna Diwanji

Director - Services Delivery

When put into a situation where, there are no ways to find a solution for the difficult phase that has to be overcome, instead of reacting, I would take the time to find a way to resolve it with a calm mind frame and get it solved.

When a situation is presented on where I have to choose between black or white, rather than choosing so, I will be on a Gray and unbiased and come up with a better decision in an uncompromising manner.

I am a traveler, who gets bliss being in nature while trekking than in a fancy place,

I am a silent person until got engaged in discussions on sports, I love playing cricket, and I learned TT, Badminton & volleyball in thinkbridge. Trekking and traveling to multiple remote places have drastically increased my strength

I  tend to go on the opposite side whenever I cross paths with dogs, afraid of them. I am More of a jovial person, considering being down to earth is more important than following formalities and rituals