Rapid Start Toolkits

Our Rapid Start Toolkits kick-start your web application or mobile app in minutes instead of weeks.

Kickstart your web app

Focus on building your differentiators instead of reinventing the wheel.

Our Rapid Start toolkits get your app development or data projects started up quickly and achieve faster time to value.  It includes everything you need to get started so your developers can start solving your core problems. Our toolkits are licensed using the MIT license. When you use our toolkit, you can customize it and it is your IP.

Our Rapid Start Toolkits are built with the best practices, solid architecture, built-in compliance and security, multi-tenancy, advanced authentication, and much more. It is well documented and includes free lifetime upgrades.
Our toolkit is available in multiple stacks:
  • .NET Core + Angular 
  • Python + React 
  • Java + Angular  
  • Java + React 

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Prasanna Diwanji

Director - Services Delivery

When put into a situation where, there are no ways to find a solution for the difficult phase that has to be overcome, instead of reacting, I would take the time to find a way to resolve it with a calm mind frame and get it solved.

When a situation is presented on where I have to choose between black or white, rather than choosing so, I will be on a Gray and unbiased and come up with a better decision in an uncompromising manner.

I am a traveler, who gets bliss being in nature while trekking than in a fancy place,

I am a silent person until got engaged in discussions on sports, I love playing cricket, and I learned TT, Badminton & volleyball in thinkbridge. Trekking and traveling to multiple remote places have drastically increased my strength

I  tend to go on the opposite side whenever I cross paths with dogs, afraid of them. I am More of a jovial person, considering being down to earth is more important than following formalities and rituals