Large Enterprises

Get Your Data Out Of The Building
and Into The Cloud

One of the biggest challenges facing large enterprises is transitioning from a traditional IT operations model to one more adept at responding to a diversified business environment. With web-scale architecture, you can manage and scale your infrastructure incrementally, lower capital and operating expenses and respond more effectively to your business’ needs.

thinkbridge’s enterprise experience includes the development and implementation of systems for airplane load balancing and global operations and logistics, as well as the design of highly scalable modern web applications.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture (EA) determines how your organization can most effectively achieve its current and future objectives by developing a clear blueprint that defines the structure and operations of your business. EA is plays a critical role in identifying replicable efficiencies that can add significant value to your business.

Agile Coaching

Introducing Agile into your operations begins by identifying barriers to effectiveness within teams and individuals.  Once the issues are identified, we will work with your teams to facilitate improvements to your processes.  Our goal is to help your organization rethink your project management workflow.

Technology Services

By removing your dependence on legacy technology systems, you can reallocate vast amounts of resources to integrating agile strategies to better position your business for growth. Our software teams will help alleviate the burden of implementing these systems, allowing your teams to focus on creating value for your business.

Need Help Building a Business Case?

At thinkbridge, we help our clients craft business cases that highlights the importance of your technology project.  Building a strong business case is essential to ensuring your organization fully funds and staffs your project accordingly.

With our years of experience building successfully business cases for technology projects, we will make sure your project gets the visibility it deserves.

With our free Business Case Assessment you will receive:

  • Current state assessment
  • Future state recommendations
  • Quantitative outcome measures