A New Way To Emphasize Personal Development

A New Way To Emphasize Personal Development

Time stops for no one, and this constant movement influences us as humans. We move forward, learn, and pursue new opportunities. Skills learned at work are just part of a person’s journey, and their personal development can occur simultaneously. While working in a remote environment, there is less of a barrier between personal and professional life. Instead of seeking a work/life balance, perhaps there are positives that come from combining aspects of the two. The blurred line of personal and professional opens a new avenue of improvement that is completely comprehensive. There are a variety of ways to enable such progress, and one gratifying device is circles of growth. The implementation of such a strategy can vary, but for us, it’s all about building up the human as a whole.

Implementing a multi-faceted approach

There’s a holistic approach to our growth as think’ers, which means all aspects of development are celebrated. Circle one is where inexperienced hires land, but there are numerous spots new teammates could end up. Depending on the position being filled, the new colleague could have years of experience, or be just out of college. If we’re talking about the latter scenario, then not only would they have technical skills to develop, but personal ones as well. The education within each circle is multidimensional, and continues driving the think’er forward.

“Everyone who joins as a fresher goes in circle one, and if they have experience, they will be assessed and put in a different circle. Every circle has set of behavioral aspects and engineering aspects they need to posses. Technology functions in a way that if you don’t learn every day your knowledge will be obsolete. thinkbridge pushes you to update yourself, and it makes you want to improve.” Ajith Simha

Exposure to new opportunities

Movement from one circle to the next is not the only sort of shifting that occurs. Knowledge transfer can take place at any moment, and exploring unfamiliar territories helps with that process. Maneuvering around the circle is an easy way to expose teammates to responsibilities they didn’t have before. Imagine that along the edges of the circle there are new skills, jobs, and technologies to master. As you pass through each point of reference the education continues, and only when every aspect is covered will a think’er progress to the next circle.

This may seem like an arduous, long term process, but in reality that’s not the case. It’s not surprising to see people join new teams every two years or so, simply because our environment enables such speedy development. There are traits beyond just writing good code that we look for, and these circles of growth help think’ers hone those skills.

“Code can be written by anybody, but problem solving is a skill, and there’s a specific skill set we look for. In interviews we do ask them some technical questions related to coding or tech, but we also give them real world scenarios. It could even be a scenario we’ve faced, and then we see how they would approach that scenario. That tells a lot about how the person is moving forward. Creating a solution is a skill that comes with experience, and that is something I believe thinkbridge is here for.” Nimesh K.

Growth isn’t one dimensional

Everyone’s journey is different, and that lack of uniformity drives innovation. Various backgrounds merge together and create new perspectives for everyone involved. These circles help different minds converge, and the constant education that takes place in them allows for think’ers to learn more about specific technologies. Circles of growth represent all the things you have not yet mastered, but each step along the way enables progress of all fashions. If you’d like to learn more about what positions are available and how think’ers progress within their teams, visit our careers page.

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