Engineers as artists: where code becomes art

Engineers as artists: where code becomes art

Engineers are problem solvers

There are numerous schools of thought regarding the relationship between code, creativity, and engineers. This vast network of opinions continually debates the application of creativity within such a field. One perspective may believe that the execution and delivery of code falls strictly within the engineering realm. Another view may contend that the ability to build anticipatory pieces of code capable of solving complex problems leans into artistry. These two outlooks join countless more as the argument ensues, does it make sense to categorize engineers as artists, and if so, is code art? However, this right vs. wrong debate of whether an exemplary coder is an engineer or artist inherently excludes a more nuanced possibility. What if they’re both?

The intersection of code and creativity: solving problems with purpose

Unpredictability seems to be the only constant within an industry that grows and diversifies as rapidly as tech does. Momentum shifts and newfound interests become gold mines as new processes, ideas, and technologies are created. So, when building a product for a client, there needs to be more on the mind than meeting minimal requirements. What they need is a commodity that will be able to adapt and overcome the overwhelming rearrangements that occur within tech, and that’s where having a creative mindset becomes integral. Focusing on not just the micro, but additionally the macro aspects of the situation and what is necessary, will only lead to more efficient project development. Starting the process with the right frame of mind allows engineers to create solutions that are multidimensional and easily executable.

“The differentiating factor at thinkbridge is that the think’ers own the thought process – ‘I am solving a problem. I’m not just blindly writing code for the sake of it, but making an impact. Less is more.’ This is the essence of thinkbridge. One is not just a software developer, but a problem solver.” Deepa Mukerjee, Associate Director of Global Talent (

Integrating abilities leads to unique outcomes

Contemporary engineers have a vast array of talents and techniques, and that’s why having such a narrow view of engineering as a whole seems counterintuitive. The position requires unique solutioning, progressive idea creation, and efficient problem solving abilities. The skillset is so dynamic and complex that it’s difficult to simplify into one specific genre. Instead, there are multiple areas of expertise that can create beneficial solutions. That is where the artistic element of engineering becomes truly visible, by having a flair for independence, efficiency, and foresight.

“You have to have an anticipatory feeling of what you’re going to solve. You need to look beyond what’s in front of you and design for it. When you look at code, it’s not just two plus two (equals four). Designing a piece and figuring out what the software does is an art thing. Putting it in place and making sure it is satisfactory is an engineering thing. There are some people who say software is not art, and we are not picking a fight with them. We’re just saying it’s both.” Sai Ganesh, Managing Director (

Adapt the right philosophy and grow together

Instilling such a creative thought process isn’t easy work. It takes proactive engagement from all parties to ensure everyone is on the same page. When that message finally gets through and the benefits of such a mindset are maximized, a vast new world of possibilities becomes attainable. There’s a new way there with thinkbridge, and such opportunities for creativity are readily available for all think’ers. Like artisans creating a sculpture, our team members have the ability to flex their ingenuity. This is why our final products resemble unique masterpieces, rather than bland congregations of code. Learn more about our approach by connecting with either of our managing directors, Sai Ganesh ( or Anand Krishnan (, to see how they instilled such a philosophy.

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