Digital Operating Systems

Our Digital Operating Systems (DOS) is one of our four technology accelerators designed to speed up your digitization journey.

SaaS Accelerated

Best-in-class SaaS solutions to help run your business.

Our Digital Operating Systems (DOS) are the ‘Buy’ portion of our recommended ‘build + buy’ approach to your transformation into a technology company. We have carefully curated these platforms so they can seamlessly integrate into the ‘Build’ side of your technology strategy.
We created DOS after seeing several amazing companies, even some technology companies, that built great products but then struggled with the business side. This resulted in a rushed, patched together stack of SaaS products to run their business, which created friction.

Use Stripe Atlas to start your business and layer that with thinkbridge DOS™ roadmap to ensure you have the right tools and systems in place as you grow your business.

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