Power your enterprise with data

We combine the power of your data with specific techniques and solutions that uncovers critical insights for your business

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning

Get the insights you need

We have seen many businesses struggle with getting reliable and consistent insights from their data, despite having invested in expensive data technology stacks. We help you navigate the complex and rapidly changing data landscape and extract value out of your data from your systems of record.

We develop cloud native, modern data stacks that is future proof tailored for your business that includes picking the right data stack and setting up a disciplined data governance.

Modern data warehouses

We design and build modern data warehouses that are agile and designed to extract measurable value from your data. We specifically focus on extending your returns from your investment in your systems of record. We use our reference architectures to fast track your deployment of your data warehouse solutions.

Our data warehouses and data pipelines are designed to reduce the burden of wrestling with the tech, instead, allowing you to focus on what is important i.e., start obtaining the critical insights you need to make impactful decisions.

Extend the life of your software

With our emphasis on ‘domain expertise’ we understand your business and your data to deliver amazing dashboards and reports that you can use to understand your business and gain the insights you need. Just having a robust data warehouse is meaningless if you are unable to consume it in a meaningful way.

From embedded analytics, self service dashboards to traditional reports, our goal is to ensure you get what you need and trust that the data is accurate without having to second guess the data on your reports.

Uncover machine learning opportunities

Although machine learning techniques and technologies are much more accessible today than even a few years ago, small and medium businesses are unable uncover opportunities hiding in plain sight. With our experience in applying an data-driven development approach, we are able to look at your business and uncover opportunities for machine learning that directly translate into measurable value without expensive experimentation.

Our machine learning reference architectures, blueprints and rapid start accelerators enable you to quickly ramp up your machine learning competency and start iterating through our pre-tested algorithms.


Identifying and unlocking your team’s potential requires a deliberate effort to provide them with autonomy, mastery and purpose.


A delicate balance of process and culture is essential to setup a sustainable value creation mindset and a data driven organization.


As a company scales, its infrastructure must adapt. Outdated technology systems can quickly become detrimental to your bottom line.