How AI Has Taken Over the Financial Industry

Given the abundance of accurate data, a long standing relationship with modeling and predictive analytics, and the quantitative nature of its services, the financial industry is one of the best sectors for harnessing the potential of AI. By enabling banks, insurers and capital market institutions to process large repositories of complex data with greater speed […]

Voice AI is the new UI

Getting things done – whether sending a message, calling Mom, checking the weather, buying diapers, playing your warrior music, or accessing the ship’s logs – all without having to lift a finger, is a sci-fi dream, now made reality with the power of voice AI. In the last three years alone, sales of ‘smart home’ […]

Is Your Business Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

More and more businesses are implementing artificial intelligence within their organization. The people who make AI possible are machine learning (ML) engineers and Data Scientists, which are quickly becoming ubiquitous positions in companies around the world. But before hiring a data science or machine learning expert, you need to evaluate your organization’s use case and consider what […]

OK Google, what’s my diagnosis?

Applying AI to the healthcare industry ealthcare providers face ever more pressure to rein in costs while delivering high quality services and improving treatment outcomes. Meanwhile rising rates of chronic diseases, aging populations, and an increasingly informed and demanding public are placing additional burdens on already overworked healthcare professionals. With the rapid advancements of AI […]

Agile vs. Waterfall: Choosing the right project management methodology

Depending on which study you read, you’ll find failure rates for large IT projects range anywhere from 30 to 90 percent. Whatever the number, it is an astonishing figure considering the strategic importance of many of today’s IT initiatives. Managing a project is difficult under the best conditions. But software development projects can be especially challenging […]

Securing the Future of Energy through AI

Energy and utilities providers face a multitude of complex challenges ranging from finding and extracting scarce fossil fuels, to matching volatile supply and demand patterns, to reducing inefficiencies in storage and transmission, to incorporating diverse energy sources into ageing power grids. Although still in its early stages of adoption, AI technologies are enabling companies to […]

Real Estate in the Age of AI

Whether from leasing agreements, credit documents, insurance forms, regulatory building codes, online and mobile app activity, or IoT device sensors, real estate businesses are inundated by data. A trove of vital information about who we are, how we live, and what we want resides within these documents. The difficulty, however, is in the collection of […]

Analytics for Everyone

We’ve come a long way since the dawn of the internet. In an age of ubiquitous connectivity, continuous monitoring, smart devices, social media and apps, organizations have access to more data about their customers, their operations, and their resources than ever before. And yet, for many companies, data analytics continues to play but a limited […]