Utilizing AI to Maximize Distributed Solar Energy Resources

Challenge Distributed energy resource (DER) systems such as rooftop solar energy panels offer several advantages over traditional centralized power stations. Aside from the potential long term cost-savings for asset owners, because such systems are typically installed where the power is needed, they reduce the inefficient loss of energy from transmission and distribution, while also supplying […]

Becoming a fintech company

Completed a tech due diligence for their investor. Stayed on to develop a modernization strategy to digitize their mostly manual processes Designed a software platform that would allow them to add new products rapidly and increase customer stickiness. Built their next generation software platform that helped transformed them into a ‘fintech’ company. As a result, […]

Digitizing a recruitment process outsourcing company

Summary Developed a 5-year technology roadmap with specific business goals and helped implement it. Built a custom platform for their differentiators and integrated with the best of breed recruiting solutions in the market. Built an analytics and reporting solution. As a result, Reduced their cost per hire by 50%. Increased their customer outcomes by 102%. […]